The Patron Saint of the Himalayas

23 March 2012

How appropriate that I'm writing this happy news now.  Not only are we all soaking in the beauty of Spring, but 17 March 2005 was when the idea for Himalayas was born (unending thanks to Jim Felton).

The Patron Saint of the Himalayas is now available in print and as an e-book*.

Click here to purchase the printed version on CreateSpace.

Click here to purchase the printed version on Amazon.

Click here to purchase the e-book version.

Please spread this happy news around ...It was a gift to write and I'm thrilled to finally be sharing it with the world (or rather, with the English-speaking part of the world

From the beginning, the creation of Himalayas has been an amazing journey.  I'm giddy with excitement as I sit here looking at the printed proof.  I'm grateful to Jorge V. for putting the bug in my ear about self-publishing.  I'm also grateful to Bryan ...for infinite things, but in this instance, for loving me through the process of turning this story into a book ...and for the cover art.

I know that nothing is ever done "alone" and thank every single person in my life who, any time over the past 7 years (I'm laughing now ...and if you read the book, you'll get why the fact that it's taken 7 years to get here is so totally perfect) has participated in some way to process of breathing this book into being.

I look forward to hearing your feedback. Amazon/CreateSpace (same-same) has a great preview/review form here.

e-book version currently not available for Apple, Sony or Kobo products. Please let me know if you would like to purchase Himalayas for one of these products.


January 2012

I've decided to self-publish The Patron Saint of the Himalayas (huge thanks to Bryan and Jorge Vismara).

The book is done.  I'm simply waiting for permission to print song lyrics.  Once that's clear, I'll post a link on how to find the printed book.

Again, stay tuned.